Sansho (x24)


New Wave Blond | ABV 6% | IBU 25



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ABV 6% | IBU 25

Sansho beer is a crispy blond with a smooth mouthfeel and gentle bitterness. You can expect subtle flavours from citrus and spices thanks to the use of Green Sechuan and Timut Pepper.

Beer pairing : This beer goes perfectly with white meat or fish. It sublimates a dish by adding a touch of acidity and spices.

At Brewksel, we love experimenting association of ingredients to discover new flavours, aromas and textures. Each and every recipe we release has been created in our Lab and tested with you. If you liked it and we did as well, we go and brew it on a large size breweries in Brussels.

Let us know what you thought on our Sansho beer, we would really appreciate any feedbacks.

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