Foodies Box


Finest food from 5 Start.LAB entrepreneurs



Foodies Box

Some food start-ups from Start.LAB have joined forces and offer you a foodies box <3

Discover products made in Brussels, launched by entrepreneurs under the age of 30, and taste surprising products that will delight your taste buds.

What’s in the box ?

2 Sansho by Brewksel brewery

Why is that new ? An atypical nlond beer in “new wave” mode, brewed with Asian peppers from Sichuan and Timut (famous for their pronounced flavours).
First of a long series, discover other atypical flavours on

1L Moussap juice

Why is that new ? The Moussap is an infusion of floral flavours (hibiscus sabdariffa) with an intense red and delicious taste relevé́ by notes of mint.
This 100% natural recipe takes its name from Bissap, a traditional African drink known for its surprisingly tangy taste.
More info on

3 x 25cl of FrOui

Why is that new ? Sugar-filled drinks? No thanks! FrOui, it’s a very low sugar drink, 100% natural – in short, a drink that is conscious of your health and the environment.
Discover the available tastes at

140g crackers by Yuma Food

Why is that new ? Cricket flour reinforced crackers. With flour from what? Yeah, yeah, cricket! This super-durable food is very high in protein and tastes like a hazelnut.
Discover the tastes :

2 bars by Coup d’barre

Why is that new ? Enthusiast of triathlons, marathons and long trails? You know it, you need to boost your energy throughout the race. Coup d’barre is above all healthy energy bars, whose composition allows you to boost your sporting performance with peace of mind.
More information on

Discover the entrepreneurs behind each project

Brewksel, launched by Julien

Julien never does the same thing twice. See your favorite bar you like to go to every Friday night? If you’re his buddy, you’ll never go there again. Your trip to Barcelona every year? No, you won’t go there either. Your lager on your way home from work? Forget it, man.

After walking around the beer aisle at the local supermarket, Julien decided to make his own beer. He goes down to the garage, installs his equipment and starts experimenting with ingredients, processes and brewing techniques for 3 years.
Always looking for new discoveries, he never brews the same recipe twice.

After sharing his creations, he launches Brewksel, his New Wave Microbrewery. At Brewksel, they run after discovery to offer you unique flavours using original ingredients such as Sechuan and Timut peppers or even Brussels sprouts.

Coup d’barre, initiated by Evan

The entrepreneur behind Coup d’barre is Evan. Evan is a sportsman himself and couldn’t find sports snacks that were both high-performance, healthy and respectful of nature. From these 3 fundamental values, he created Coup d’barre: the eco-performer energy bar made of natural and organic ingredients, all in a 100% compostable packaging.

YUMA FOOD, launched by Gabrielle

Gabrielle is the founder of the Yuma project. She has been studying edible insects and the benefits they have for our health and environment for the past four years.

Gabrielle is a vegetarian. She places a lot of importance on environmental preservation and animal welfare. Five years ago, she worked on a cricket farm in Brussels and since then, she has been eating crickets regularly to ensure her consumption of protein and vitamin B12. Today, she is convinced that crickets will soon be part of our daily diet.

MOUSSAP, launched by Moustapha

The Moussap Project is at the initiative of Moustapha, a migrant of Senegalese origin who has launched himself into entrepreneurship in Belgium by promoting his culture in order to create value in the name of diversity and integration.
His values are at the heart of Moussap, in order to enable healthy, responsible consumption while contributing to the life of society. Moreover, 5% of the profits from each bottle sold will be donated to non-profit organisations in Belgium that campaign for housing and food for all.

FrOui, launched by Laurent and Jeffrey

FrOui is above all a story of families and friends in love with good things and life ! Jeffrey and Laurent have always been looking for the perfect fruity refreshment for young and old alike!
Concerned about the well-being of their loved ones, passionate about cooking and above all tired of ultra-transformed and over-sweetened industrial drinks, they decided to create FrOui.

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