by brewksel

Arsène, our loyal partner who offers you great Belgian aperitif boxes, started a crazy giveaway on Linkedin !

Arsène offers 11.000.000 beers from microbreweries !

Behind the sectors about which they talk a lot, and rightly so, it is the lives of many craftsmen that are heavily impacted by this situation. This holds particularly true for most of the trades that work in relation with the HORECA.

As you may know, Belgian microbrewers have been facing major setbacks. Between the closure of the horeca sector, the cancellation of festivals and the banning of festive events, craft micro-breweries have indeed seen their sales channels be put under severe pressure.

But Arsène is here to change it all ! They decided to carry our voices. Moreover, they are organising an action on LinkedIn from 20/04/2021 to 30/04/2021, where each participant receives two Belgian microbrewery beers.

100% winners

You participe, you win, you support microbreweries. Isn’t great ?!

To know more about the action, head to Arsène’s website