Our Story

The brewksel’s origins date back to February 2016 when we brewed for the very first time. It was an interesting experience that sparked a passion in us, a true dedication to craft beer. At the beginning, the idea was only to have fun by producing original homemade beers for ourselves and our friends.

Since then, we’ve been brewing beer all the time. As with everything else, we had to learn how to create quality products. So we decided to enter into a period of experimentation that lasted a little over 2 years. This has allowed us to learn to play with all the different types of ingredients : malts, hops, spices, yeasts, fruits and even more eccentric ingredients, such as Brussels sprouts. Contrary to what you might think, it’s one of the best beers we’ve brewed! At the end of these experiments, we had created a little more than 20 different recipes.

Then we wanted to share our creativity. So we started a prototyping phase in which we aimed at creating a single recipe. We chose the blonde style as it is very appreciated (by you and by us). We worked on this same recipe 16 times for 8 months, constantly asking for your opinion in order to improve it. Together, we managed to co-create an exceptional beer : sansho !

The Lab

At brewksel, we are creator-brewers, we like to experiment with flavors. That’s why we test new recipes every month in our brewery-lab. The lab consists of everything a professional brewery could dream of. Small stuff but super-equipped to realise the best  experiments : beers, fermented products, everything ! At the end of the process, if we really like a beer, we deepen the recipe. Then, we adjust it to replicate the brew in a professional brewery (L’Annexe) in order to share it with you.

Being a small player on the Brussels scene, our idea would be to brew where the hops take us. We’d like to go from brewery to brewery, but to stay as much as possible in Brussels. By this means, we could meet a large number of Brussels brewer and learn with them !

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